Overall Grand Prize

First fish caught/registered: $150
Last fish caught/registered: $150
Smallest: $500
Mystery: $700

Daily Prizes

Smallest – $50
(Fish must be between 20-28 inches long)

Daily Mystery Fish

Closest to the mystery weight without going over wins $50.

Two prizes awarded daily!

Catch of a Lifetime!

Each registered angler has 8 chances, one per day of the derby, to win $22,500, to be used at any of the derby sponsors businesses!

Conservation Restoration Prize

$50 (Each day, anglers who fail to catch a fish will be entered into this drawing. The winner will receive $50, with another $50 in the angler’s name being donated to a fish conservation project. Rogers Dodge of Lewiston will match each $50 donation)
*Must be a registered Derby participant to enter this contest – additional cost – $20.

Youth Prizes

We have daily youth winners and over-all youth prizes!
(*Youth, 17-under, are not eligible for cash awards.)