1. All laws, rules and regulations of the Idaho, Washington, and Nez Perce Tribal Fish and Game Departments shall be observed.
2. The official Rogers Dodge Steelhead Derby area will be any area open to legal fishing for steelhead on Idaho and Washington Snake River waters from the Snake River Confluence to Couse Creek. No fishing is allowed within slews and tributaries on Washington side of Snake River.
3. It is the responsibility of each participant to read, be aware of and observe all derby rules and regulations.
4. The Derby will begin at 12:01 AM on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Weigh-in cutoff each day will be at 5:30 PM. Any fish that is weighed in after 5:30 PM will be applied to the following day’s prizes. Final weigh-in will close noon on Saturday, November 25, 2017.
5. It is the responsibility of each participant to bring his or her steelhead to a weigh-in station.
6. Any steelhead mauled, mashed, frozen or injected with fluids, or other foreign weight will be disqualified and may be prosecuted under the law. Any steelhead showing extreme loss of color may result in disqualification at the discretion of the tournament judge.
7. At weigh-in, each steelhead caught during the derby will be marked to identify it as a registered fish. In the event of a tie, the first steelhead weighed-in is the winner. Any weighed-in steelhead competing for prizes may become the possession of the derby officials until all awards have been processed.
8. Any protest must be made to the tournament director prior to the close of the tournament in writing and be accompanied by a $30.00 protest fee. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned. The tournament judge’s decision is final in all cases.
9. Your signature on the derby weigh slip is verification that you agree that the data is recorded correctly on the weigh slip and will not be subject to appeal.
10. Disqualification for any reason will automatically forfeit entry fee(s).
11. The Conservation Preservation prize competition is a separate contest requiring an additional registration fee. Each day, registered anglers who fail to catch a fish will be entered into the conservation preservation drawing. The daily winner will receive $50, with another $50 in the angler’s name being donated to a fish conservation project, chosen by the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce. Rogers Dodge will match the donated $50 for a total of $100 each day going to the chosen non-profit organization.
12. A daily prize of $50 will be awarded to the registered angler with the smallest weight. At the end of the derby, the angler who catches the smallest fish of the week will be awarded $500.
13. A daily mystery fish prize of $50 will be based on randomly selected weights up to 9 lbs. There will be two total mystery fish per day. At the end of the derby, an angler randomly drawn from the pool of mystery fish prizes will win $700.
14. An award of $150 will be awarded to the first registered angler to catch and weigh a steelhead. An award of $150 will be awarded to the last registered angler to catch and weigh a steelhead.
15. Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years old must have their entry form signed by their parent or legal guardian.
16. Youth participants registered for $15 entry fee must be seventeen (17) and under, and are eligible for merchandise prizes only. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CASH PRIZES.
17. Derby officials may check participants and their fish at any time during the derby.
18. Entrants may qualify for only one winning fish per day during the derby. Entrants cannot win heaviest and mystery fish, heaviest will win out mystery fish.
19. Monetary derby prizes will be awarded as checks from the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce.
20. Daily entries into the derby may be kept at any weigh-in station for verification, and publicity purposes.
21. Late entries (after 9:00 PM November 18, 2017) must wait twenty-four (24) hours before qualifying to enter any fish.
22. Each participant acknowledges and agrees that tournament directors, officials, participants, and any other organizations assisting in the tournament operation, their agencies, etc., are not responsible for death, injuries, damages, disability, theft, fires, or any other loss of any kind to entrants.
23. Awards checks will be mailed the Friday following the close of the derby.
24. No results are final until the Tuesday following the close of the derby.
25. All Fisherman in boat must be Derby contestant.

Clearwater River Casino “Catch of a Lifetime” Grand Prize Contest Rules

1. Each registered angler has 8 chances, one per day of the derby, to win $22,500, to be used at any of the derby sponsors businesses.
2. Each day, a random fish weight, between 2.00 and 20.00 pounds, will be selected by Grand Prize Promotions, in cooperation with Stonebraker McQuary Insurance Group.
3. Five names will be randomly drawn each day, from all the registered anglers that weigh in a fish, in accordance with the steelhead derby official rules, on that day.
4. If any of the fish weights caught that day by the five anglers whose names were drawn matches the random weight selected by Grand Prize Promotions, in cooperation with Stonebraker McQuary Insurance Group, that person will be that day’s winner of $22,500.
5. If a registered angler is found to be a winner, they are immediately ineligible to be a winner on subsequent days.
6. The prize money must be spent in its entirety at any one, not more than one, of the 2017 Rogers Dodge Steelhead Derby sponsor’s locations, cash will not be awarded.
7. Payment will be made directly to the vendor from Grand Prize Promotions, not to the individual winner.
8. Members of the steelhead derby planning committee, sponsors of the steelhead derby and their employees, are eligible to win the contest.
9. Employees of the Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce are not eligible to win the contest.